Zoya Pixie Dust Collection Swatches & Review

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Ready to see what I have to show you today? Okay, this is the highly anticipated (for me at least) Zoya Pixie Dust Collection. This collection debuts a new finish for Zoya, described as being ‘textured, matte and sparkling’. I absolutely loved the OPI Liquid Sand polishes, and this collection has the same idea as that finish, so I’ve been waiting and waiting to get my hands on these, and when they finally arrived I literally jumped for joy. You’ll see why!
Godiva is a soft nude with the silver matte sparkle that you will see in this entire collection. This is an unexpected love for me, I love how it is a neutral with a twist- so if you want to try this finish, but don’t like wearing funky colors, this was made for you. Shown is three thin coats.
Vespa is a light seafoam green. This is a super pretty and soft shade for spring, I can’t wait to wear it again! Shown is two coats, I love this one! Also, it’s worth noting that this did NOT give me lobster hands, woo!
Nyx is a periwinkle blue with a ‘sugared sparkle’. This is my hands down favorite in the collection, and after swatching I actually put this back on because I love it so much. Gorgeous! Shown is two coats.
London is a medium gray. Very pretty! The formula was wonderful on this, it flowed on the nail easily in two coats.
Dahlia is a deep black base with the same sugared sparkle that we have seen throughout the entire collection. The sparkles lighten this up, and make it look like a charcoal gray rather than black. This one is really nice! Two coats.
Chyna is a deep true red with silver and red matte glitter.This one was so intensely pigmented, almost only needing one coat. I keep saying that I love these, but it’s true, each one is so gorgeous and unique in their own way. This is two thin coats.
What do you think about the Pixie Dust Collection from Zoya? Are you on board with the matte glitter trend?  Which one is your favorite here?
This collection is available now on zoya.com and retails for $9 each. 
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  1. Love it!

  2. Lovely swatches! I have Vespa and London and love them!

  3. I love the colors! Even with topcoat they look gorgeous!

  4. I have London & Nyx and LOVE them! Nyx on top of London makes a pretty steel blue!

  5. How was the longevity? I have a Zoya matte polish that won’t even stay on for am entire day. :( I’m hoping these are better because they look great.

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  7. Absolutely beautiful swatches!

  8. Absolutely beautiful swatches!

  9. Absolutely beautiful swatches!

  10. Absolutely beautiful swatches!

  11. Absolutely beautiful swatches!

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