Happy New Year!


I can’t believe it is 2013! It’s so weird how fast time flies. I figured for today’s look I would show you something totally awesome that 2012 had to offer, and that is one of the Color Club Halo Hues. This is Halo-graphic. A deep pink with strong linear holo. I’ll let you see for yourself.

Mmmm hm. Rainbow madness. Formula was also really great on this, just two coats for a captivating finish! I hope everyone had a fun and safe NYE, and you’re starting 2013 off in a great way!

Speaking of the new year, do you do new years resolutions? Three years ago my resolution was to stop biting my nails, and what a success that was! If you are planning a resolution, I’d love for you to share with me!


  1. Hello & Happy New Year to you! What a beautiful color!!!

    Question: Did you use a base coat and/or a top coat with this? If so, which ones did you use? With one of the Nfu-Oh holos I have (#61), it recommended using a specific base coat (Nfu-Oh Aqua Base) to make the holo look its best.

    P.S. I don’t do any resolutions.

    Cheers from one of your follows!

  2. gorgeous!!!

  3. Very pretty! I usually don’t care much for Color Club, but they really did an amazing job with these holos.

  4. What a pretty holo! I haven’t had any really successful resolutions… I usually just commit to being kinder to myself; less self-critical, eat better, move more, and to try to keep a positive attitude and outlook on life! These are things I always struggle with, so I tend to use the New Year to just recommit to the same goals… Hopefully this year will be a resounding success!

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