Nicka K – Dolphin

Hey ladies!
Today’s post is about a polish that was a pleasant surprise. First question is how many of you buy polishes from blog sales? Personally, I find blog sales to be a place to find awesome nail polish for great prices, and especially brands that are not available near me, or only online. 
Enter Nicka K Dolphin. I found this beauty on a blog sale a few weeks ago, funny story, this was not the polish that I originally intended on buying. I thought I was buying Nicka K Iceburg, but silly me, I got the names mixed up.. don’t ask me how that happened, and I bought Dolphin instead. When this arrived I was like wait.. what? But then realized my silly mistake, and am actually not all that disappointed after all. Check out Dolphin below!

See? Pretty! This is a bright blue with teal metallic shimmer. I am actually really happy that I ended up with this, even though my hunt for Iceburg continues!

Do you like Dolphin? What are your feelings on blog sales? Love em, leave em?


  1. such a pretty color! i’m glad i dont have a pay pal account or else i would be buying sooooo many polishes on blog sales!

  2. This is a gorgeous polish! I love blog sales.

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