Guest Post: Gold & Turquoise Combo by Jessica’s Nail Tales

Hello there, readers. How happy are you that it is Friday?! Yay for the weekend! My guest posting series is coming to an end, and today we have Jessica from Jessica’s Nail Tales. I am very happy to have Jessica as a guest on my blog today, and you will absolutely love the layering combo that she has to show us!


Hi everyone!
I’m super excited to be doing this guest post for Lawless Lacquer! I absolutely adore Lynn’s blog, and hope you love what I have to show you today! To make a long story short, I’m going on a cruise in January, and of course I’m counting down the days. I really wanted to do something bright and summery to get me even more excited. Like I’m not already excited enough!
I immediately had two polishes in mind: Essie- Where’s My Chauffer and Sephora by OPI- It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat. I knew these would go perfectly together! I scored the It’s Real Top Coat for $15, but I’ve heard of people finding it for $5. Definitely check your Sephora for it. I did two coats of Where’s My Chauffer and three coats of It’s Real. I expected It’s Real to be a bit denser. To get good coverage you will need at least two coats. I do like the look of the smaller gold flakies rather then the larger ones though. This turned out so pretty and delicate. I love it!

Two coats of Essie-Where’s My Chauffer
Three coats of Sephora by OPI- It’s Real 18K Gold Top Coat
One coat of Poshe
I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks Lynn for having me do a guest post for you!
What a gorgeous and fun combo we have here from Jessica!! I love how the gold leaves stand out against the soft, yet vivid turquoise. I’m currently eyeing up my gold top coat and turquoise to copy this combination! For more pretty combos and swatches from Jessica follow her blog, Jessica’s Nail Tales here, and on Facebook too!

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