Pale blue jelly sandwich

Back when I first got one of my biggest RBL lemmings, Bikini Bottom, the thought crossed my mind that this would be great for a jelly sandwich because of it’s perfectly milky sheer formula. Well, as I was going through my collection the other night brainstorming for possible posts, BB caught my eye in the ‘blue drawer’, and my brain child was born. 
For this look I used one coat of RBL Bikini Bottom, then one coat of Deborah Lippmann Today was a Fairytale, one coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glass Slipper, and topped with one coat of RBL Bikini Bottom. 

Then of course I had to try it matte!

Was this everything I wanted it to be? Yes, and more. I love the sparkles suspended in the blue base of Bikini Bottom. And I really really like how it looks matte!

What about you? Do you like my jelly sandwich, and which way do you like more, shiny or matte?


  1. this is soooo pretty!

  2. Super pretty! Wish I had all these polishes to recreate this.

  3. I like it shiny better, but that’s just me, I’m not big on mattes in general. I love Bikini Bottom!! Can’t wait to get mine!!

  4. This is really pretty!

  5. Beautiful, it really reminds me of something but I can’t think what.. I wish I could just buy it as a colour. You came up with a great combo :) xx

  6. This is gorgeous! I like it shiny and matte. It’s very ethereal!

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