LVX Fall / Winter 2012 Collection Swatches & Review

Hi readers!
Today I have a new collection from LVX to show you. This is their Fall / Winter collection for 2012. I was so impressed with their first collection that was released this summer, that I could. not. wait. to see what else they had in store for us. Let’s just say that I am impressed by this brand yet again! 
Check out the new collection below- and be sure to see the end of this post for a special deal on LVX just for you!
Midori is a craze awesome chartreuse creme. I wanted to show you my favorite of the bunch first. I absolutely adore this color. Chartreuse for fall and winter is such a welcome sight a midst the dark vampy shades that are being released. Shown below is 3 coats.

Prussian is a vivid teal blue creme. This is so pretty, and formula was perfection; it was almost completely opaque in one coat and just flowed on the nail so nicely. Love this! 2 coats.

Legendaire is a pale grayish lavender creme. Very unexpected for a fall collection, but I really like how LVX is doing these unexpected shades (hello black in a summer collection!) and stepping out of the box. Formula again was great, this is 2 coats.

Sanguine is a deep wine red. I wouldn’t call this a creme, but I also wouldn’t call it a jelly. I don’t really know what to call it! On the first two coats it was rather sheer, but it built up nicely in three coats. It dries SUPER glossy, which I love. Sanguine is perfect for fall.

Greige is a grayish nude creme. I love how LVX describes the color as ‘earth gray’. I think that is spot on. It is a nice neutral, and it looks really nice with my skin tone. In my opinion, you can never have too many shades like this. Shown is 2 coats.

Koko is a rich brown creme. Browns like this are always nice to have in your collection, and the formula on this was really nice. So if you are lacking a nice dark brown that does not look black, consider this! Shown is 2 coats.

That’s it! LVX totally blew me away, yet again! Overall I am loving this collection and the fact that they threw in a couple unconventional shades for fall and winter in with your traditional darker colors. Makes for a very well rounded collection.

What do you think about the LVX Fall / Winter Collection? Any must haves for you?

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  1. so into cremes right now! Midori is amazing

  2. There’s something about this collection that I really like. Of course I always love a good chartreuse, but I think that ALL of these colors fit together. And I LOVE that this is a fall collection! Excellent swatches, thank you. <3

  3. these are gorgeous colors!

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