Nails Inc Sprinkles Effects – Sweets Way

Who else jumped for joy when the Nails Inc Sprinkles polishes were available in the US?!
Just me? Fair enough. I can’t tell you how much I had been anticipating this collection’s release in the US. When I first saw swatches I seriously considered ordering the collection from the UK, but I am really glad I waited, because I would have kicked myself had I paid almost double for these polishes (they are so worth it though). 
Back on track, sorry for that digression. This is Nails Inc Sweets Way from the Sprinkles Effects collection.

How cute is this? I love how the milky white base creates a jelly sandwich with the suspended blue, pink and white square glitter. Very unique and fun to wear.

But it can’t all be fun and games, right? Right! This was such a pain to remove, I hated it! Glitter waws everywhere. However, I think the originality and cuteness of this polish, and lasting power (I wore it for 4 days with no chips!) makes it worth the removal.

Tell me what you think about Sweets Way! Also I have Topping Lane and Pudding Lane to show you too, so expect to see those in the near future :D


  1. this is so pretty and it looks great on you!

  2. I really like this one!

  3. It’s sooooooo pretty! Shame about the nightmare removal though :-(

  4. I think I want this now. It’s so pretty and adorable!

  5. What a cute polish! I just took off a jelly sandwich that was a pain in the patootie to remove (Jordana glitter! Why do you hate me!?)… I swore to myself “never again”, but we both know that’s not how these things go… I would totally suck it up during the removal process for this polish!

  6. yes! i was aboutt to order them from the UK glad I didn’t i would have been super mad. Thank god they are here!

  7. Everytime I see swatches of this, I open the Nails Inc website :)

    Great polish :)

  8. I can’t wait to see Pudding Lane! That’s the one I’m stalking Sephora for.

    I can imagine about the removal, it’s foil method all the way for me.

  9. I love these! Darn no-buy…have to refrain until after we move…

  10. I want these so badly! Nice swatches!

  11. I love this!

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